Venus in Fur on Stage at SCR

Graham Hamilton Gets Wave of Applause


Written by SurfWriter Girls Sunny Magdaug and Patti Kishel

Surfrider Foundation West LA/Malibu Chapter Chairperson Graham Hamilton is temporarily trading in the wave break for the spotlight here in the OC where he is starring in South Coast Repertory Theatre’s production Venus in Fur.


Graham Hamilton at Beach

SurfWriter Girl Patti and husband Greg Kishel had front row seats and saw firsthand what a talented actor Hamilton is. “His performance is impressive,” says Patti, “as he changes character and point of view throughout the play and deftly switches back-and-forth between drama and comedy.”


Graham Hamilton and Jaimi Paige in South Coast Repertory's 2014

Playing the role of a stage director trying to cast the perfect leading lady for his upcoming play, Hamilton is joined by multifaceted co-star Jaimi Paige, who bursts into the room on a dark and stormy night – inverted, blown-out umbrella in hand – demanding to audition. Sultry and magnetic, she turns out to be more than she seems…with an agenda of her own.

Written by David Ives and directed by Casey Stangl, Venus in Fur puts a new spin on the “casting couch,” exploring the boundaries of seduction and power, fantasy and reality.

If you’re looking for an intelligent, witty, sexually-provocative play, this is it – a one-act, one-scene, 90 minutes of total entertainment. It runs through October 26. For tickets go online to: Or call 714-708-5555.


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