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Art at the Water’s Edge

2013 Castles on my mind split screen

Written by SurfWriter Girls Sunny Magdaug and Patti Kishel

Part of the fun of going to the beach with family or friends is building sandcastles – from simple, sand pail-size mounds carved with a child’s shovel to elaborate fortresses made with architectural precision.

Children building sandcastles

vintage children's book

open sandcastle

A creative art form made out of nothing more than sand and water, these whimsical constructions have a universal appeal and can be seen on beaches from the sunny coast of Spain to the breezy Bahamas.

sand castle bahamas

sandcastles in Spain

Closer to home, on Labor Day Weekend each year the City of San Diego transforms itself into SANDiego when it hosts the US Sand Sculpting Challenge.

On the pier in the sand sign SD


sandcastle by pier

Sand sculptors from around the world come out in force to amaze you with their artistic visions.

2013-Sculptor in jaws of her sculpture-Forbidden-SueMcGrew

Joris goin' bananas

Anything’s possible…from gothic castles to monster trucks, pirates and mermaids.

gothic castle

welcome aboard but mind your manners

CC-Monster truck

Thanks for Coming

Even Dr. Seuss, Letterman and Leno might take shape on the sand.

Scrabble for late night ratings

2013 Dr Seuss

Seeing the sculpting teams in action makes you realize that building sandcastles and other constructions isn’t always child’s play.

Sand people are at it again

Ya build this castle from the top down

At times the process can get downright squirrelly.

Squirrels Rescue

Sand Squirrels - oh yeah nuts to you, too

Unlike marble, metal or wood, sculptures made from sand are ephemeral, lasting only as long as the incoming tides allow. Yet, we commit to making them anyway.

sandcastle by tide

SurfWriter Girls Sunny Magdaug and Patti Kishel remember the Ray Bradbury story about an art lover walking on an empty beach, who comes upon a man drawing incredible images on the shoreline with a stick. Following behind, he is struck by their beauty…and that the tide is erasing them.

sand drawing

The artist finally strides away, leaving the man alone …with just the memories of the images he’s seen – memories that are priceless.

So, with the long holiday weekend stretching out, don’t miss this chance to see the sandcastles in SANDiego…before the tides take them away.

postcard of bay

US Sand Sculpting Challenge sign.people

Who knows what memories of your own you’ll make?

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