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Flying High and Making a Difference

A Surfrider Sponsor Story

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Written by SurfWriter Girls Sunny Magdaug and Patti Kishel

Up in the sky! It’s a bird…it’s a plane. No, it’s LA Video Drone.

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Next time you’re in Huntington Beach, look up! There’s a chance that Surfrider Foundation sponsor LA Video Drone is on the scene. The innovative aerial drone company is often out at the beach capturing “eye in the sky” camera footage of beach activities and events.

weighing trash

aerial view BW cleanup booths A

drone at river's edge

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The Los Angeles-based company is a pioneer in aerial drone photography, using the latest ultra HD 4K cameras.

ultra HD camera

Less expensive and more effective than helicopter photography, the radio-operated drones can get right in on the action, providing new perspectives and sweeping panoramas.

aerial view of HB

Covering everything from business and charity events to golf tournaments and auto races, LA Video Drone can provide whatever you need – from high resolution photos to web-ready videos; raw footage to edited formats with music and special effects. Heather McAndress, Vice President and Creative Director, explains that they can tailor their services to each client’s situation.


And now they have an even newer drone in the lineup  – the DJI Inspire 1 Pro with a Zen Muse X5 lens. “This camera is unreal – truly a game changer for the drone industry, ” says McAndress.

new droneA
SurfWriter Girls Sunny Magdaug and Patti Kishel have seen what LA Video Drone can do and it’s amazing. The drone team was out covering the International Surfing Day and other beach events this summer and was able to go where no one else could.
ISD poster
 When we talked to them after a Surfrider beach cleanup they were excited about all the possibilities this new technology offers. Real estate brokers can use the drones’ video capabilities to assess properties, farmers and ranchers to keep an eye on crops and cattle.

drone and cow


Film production companies are especially jazzed about what video drones can do since the nimble, flying cameras can replace costly camera setups requiring helicopters, scaffolds and towers.


Drones can be used by police and fire departments and search and rescue teams.

search and rescue

sheriffs car and drone

McAndress told SurfWriter Girls the company wants to use its resources to contribute to the community. “When we started LA Video Drone, one of our main goals was to get involved with social awareness. Right away we connected with Surfrider’s Huntington/Seal Beach Chapter because of their inspiring energy and dedication to environmental consciousness. Now we take part in their beach cleanups and events by providing both aerial and ground video coverage to help their cause.”


Chapter Chair Tony Soriano welcomes their participation, saying, “Our partner LA Video Drone gives an added dimension to our visual awareness and they continue to grow with us.”

aerial view of SA river jetty

LA Video Drone photography took viewers right on board the kayaks with Surfrider volunteers cleaning up Huntington Harbor.


Huntington Harbour

And when Surfrider Ocean Friendly Gardens expert Greg Goran installed a drought tolerant, eco-friendly garden at Joe and Lori McMullin’s house a drone was on the spot capturing the before and after.


Drone technology that once seemed fantastical is unfolding before our eyes. As they say in science fiction stories, “The future is now.”  And, LA Video Drone is right at the vanguard, leading the charge.

Drone over land

The sky’s the limit!

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