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Fashionista Kathryn Porritt Shares the Look

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Say “G’day!” Throw a shrimp on the barbie and get ready to party in style the way they do in the Land Down Under.


With summer parties still going strong in the Northern Hemisphere there’s always the question “What to wear?”

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When it comes to fashion, guys are lucky. Just pull on a classic T or Hawaiian shirt and you’re all set. But, what’s a gal to do?

SurfWriter Girls Sunny Magdaug  and Patti Kishel just heard from Aussie fashion stylist Kathryn Porritt, the owner of online beach fashion website Bondi Lifestyle, that the answer to that is easy.

In a word, she says,”Kaftans!”


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Whether it’s cotton or silk, casual or chic, there’s a style of Kaftan that’s just right for any party occasion. Take a look at this story Kathryn wrote for Surf’n Beach Scene Magazine and channel your own summer fashion fantasies.

Kaftans are your Ultimate Summer Party Choice

Written by Kathryn Porritt


The famous set are all wearing them at LA pools.  The glitterati are swanning around yachts in the Mediterranean in them.  The glamorous at the beach resort are all relaxing with a cocktail in them.

They’re everywhere, and they’re chic.  They’re kaftans and they’re your ultimate summer party choice.

For a Summer wedding or a party around the pool, a Kaftan embellished in crystals and sequins in the color of your choice, is the ultimate in party glam.  You’ll be ultra comfortable and incredibly chic all at once – and how many pieces of clothing do that for you?

A Maxi Kaftan in Silk

Feathers-Silk-Maxi-Kaftan-002Kaftans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but the most chic are maxi kaftans that fall to your ankles – either plain or embellished – and have sweeping batwing sleeves and low necklines.

This shape suits every size and shape, from the petite among us to plus size divas.  Showing off your décolletage with encrusted jewels at the neckline and floating in a silky maxi dress is the ultimate in summer chic.

The maxi kaftan evokes glamour and style – effortless resort chic, that never clings and always feels cool to the touch.  From hand painted kaftans that would look at home in a Grecian resort to a rainbow of sunset colors sparkling at dusk, your pick of hues that suit your mood and the theme of your soiree is unlimited.

A Little Bit of Indie Party Chic

Indie and boho chic is everything right now, and if you want to get the boho look, but you left your inner hippie in the 70’s, kaftans will bring the look you want to your party style without compromising on your contemporary glamour.

Teal-Pearl-Garden-Maxi-Kaftan-Red (2) A

A linen, cotton or silk kaftan in a midi or maxi cut can be worn with sandals or brightly colored heels for an elegantly indie party look.  Add as much bling as you dare to your necklaces, wrists and ears with boho accessories that offer romantic sparkle. Natural loose hair in waves is just perfect with a fun plait on the side to bring a little bit of cheeky fun to the look at night.

Kaftans for Beach Weddings


A destination or beach wedding always brings excitement!  Planning the perfect outfit can be a disaster, though, if you’re not mindful of cool fabrics and easy to wear pieces.

A kaftan can be the perfect choice because the shape is flattering to every shape and size from petite to plus size, and the fall of the fabric never clings, so you’ll always feel cool, no matter if you’re scorchingly hot!

Depending on the time of day the wedding is being held, and whether it’s a resort or beach ceremony, wear your kaftan with high beaded sandals or low slung flats, masses of gold jewelled necklaces, stacked bangles, and a big statement cocktail ring.


Kaftan with jewelry bangles

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As you can see, Kathryn Porritt is a fashionista extraordinaire!

Kathryn porritt

Bondi Lifestyle, her beach fashion and leisurewear website – named after Australia’s famous Bondi Beach – is a top online marketer with customers from around the world seeking it out.

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Kathryn told SurfWriter Girls, “You’ll find a beautiful range of Australian kaftans shipped worldwide. Every season, shape and size are catered to.”


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