Rose Garden Memories

Labor of Love Creates Family Legacy

Written by SurfWriter Girls Sunny Magdaug and Patti Kishel


They say that the rose – written about by poets and painted by artists – is the most noble of flowers.

Patricia Alorro Magdaug, SurfWriter Girl Sunny’s mom, thought that.

After seeing the Exposition Park Rose Garden in Los Angeles, a landmark with 15,000 rose bushes in more than 100 varieties, Sunny’s mom was enthralled by the flowers’ beauty – and decided to plant her own rose garden.

Sunny remembers visiting plant nurseries with her mom on the weekends and walking in local neighborhoods to admire the gardens and get ideas for their own garden. Sunny and her mom filled the yard around the family’s house in Los Alamitos, CA with a variety of roses.

Finding just the right flowers, planting and tending them was something they could do together, making the garden a place the whole family could enjoy.

Years later, when Sunny’s mom was losing her memories to Alzheimer’s disease, fresh-cut roses from her garden could always make her smile.

Now, Patricia Alorro Magdaug – lovingly called “Mama Pat” by her large, extended family in California and the Phillippines and “Lola” by her grandchildren – has passed away. But the roses remain and the love she shared with everyone.

Lovely Spring While Roses Bloom

Written by Sunny Magdaug

Red rose petals are fragile in velvety dew,

Glistening and abundant in the Spring mornings about sunrise.


Imagine you and me meeting in lovely Spring while roses are blooming…

A precious moment in Heaven that will have eternal value.


In Loving Memory of Patricia Alorro Magdaug

August 25, 1925 – October 29, 2017


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3 thoughts on “Rose Garden Memories

  1. What a lovely tribute to Sunny’s mother and the beautiful rose photos capture images that are to be treasured. Can certainly understand that the gift of roses continued to bring smiles throughout her later years. Sending hugs to you, Sunny

  2. I send my condolences Sunny.
    You and Patty did a beautiful job writing this wonderful tribute to your mother. She must have been a wonderful lady.
    May she rest in peace.

  3. That was beautiful Sunny. Thank you for sharing those memories. Your Mother’s spirit carries on.
    Love, Barbara

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