Beach Bags are Bright and Breezy!

Summer Totes are Essential

Written by SurfWriter Girls Sunny Magdaug and Patti Kishel 

A classic summer beach bag or tote is essential when you’re out and about, making a run to the store, spending a day at the beach, or traveling on an adventure.

When we’re on the go SurfWriter Girls Sunny and Patti love all the styles there are to keep our supplies, purchases, and finds close at hand.

Whether it’s a simple canvas or straw carryall, a reusable bag from the grocery store…

or a fashionista tote. Something big enough for a beach towel or with lots of pockets.

It can be colorful and fun, support a cause, or make a statement.

Using a Surfrider Foundation bag helps protect our beaches.

Proceeds from FEED Projects bags feed hungry children.

Whatever you’re up to, there’s a bag that’s just right for you – to stash your stuff, store a camera, travel guides and souvenirs, carry groceries or even a French baguette.

For a day in the sun or errands to run,

when you head to the beach keep a tote bag in reach!

It can be fun and kitschy or glam and ritzy.

Bright and breezy, it makes things easy.

Perfect for snacks and fruit, sunglasses and loot.

Seashells you find on the shore, things you buy at the store.

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